Cars and Motorcycles

Would you believe Britain now makes more cars in this country than in the 1960s. We present here some of the iconic British brands plus some of the support and specialist companies keeping a very British tradition. We also want to feature some great British Motorcycle manufacturers

Also featured are UK companies making car parts and accessories

Berkeley VLN is launching this year a range of bespoke British manufactured competition motorcycles.

The Design and Development of this range will include two stroke, Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto motorcycles, precision engineered and manufactured in England.

Since 1919, Bentley’s uncompromising vision has allowed us to achieve the highest levels of bespoke luxury, with a clear, instantly recognisable bloodline running through all our cars.

Our design team includes over 100 experts from around the world. They work closely with our engineers, production experts and craftspeople. Every aspect of our cars is scrutinised multiple times, with nothing left to chance.

ULTIMO GT offers a complete range of quality synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral-based lubricants complying with the latest ACEA and API codes meeting the latest vehicle manufacturer specifications.

For operators who seek to obtain the very best performance from their vehicles, ULTIMO GT has premium products to meet virtually all engine, gearbox, transmission oil and grease requirements.

Great British Sports Cars is today one of the leading names in the British sports cars industry and is now becoming a well known brand across the world.
We have a complete in-house manufacturing and design facility, and has invested heavily in machinery and equipment that has enabled us to operate quickly and accurately. This allows us to control our process and efficiencies to maintain quality and costs.

Evanta Motor Company was born out of a passion for great British sport cars.

Evanta is a small family run business producing bespoke Aston Martin Evocations to client requests. We are also are responsible for the world famous 1:1 Scale DBR1. Evanta also produces all kinds of automotive artworks from Oil Drum chairs to DBR1 side arts - no job too small.

Based in Bristol, the small team of craftsmen that form Brabazon Motors have collective experience of over 100 years building Bristol Cars and a myriad of other classics. The in house team of specialist craftsmen include coachbuilders, panel beaters, engineers and welders with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Auto Club Revolution is the online racing game built in collaboration with the motor industry, featuring the world's most desirable cars to race online at real race tracks. Compete in single and multiplayer racing events take on the challenge of a racing leaderboard event or chase down the many in-game achievements.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Wizzard Product Ltd  Scratchshield reduces the chance of scratching paintwork when washing your car. Scratchshield fits in the bottom of a bucket preventing grit and debris getting back on to the car

Our reputation for producing incredibly quick and fine handling cars was established with the release of the M12 in 2001. This soon became a bench mark for its incredibly pliant ride,

 For over 100 years the Morgan Motor Company has been making exciting sports cars in the beautiful spa town of Malvern. Morgan cars are famous the world over for their unique blend of charisma, quality materials, craftsmanship and performance.

Westfield has sold over 12 000 cars world wide since 1983 and currently produce over 400 cars a year for driving enthusiasts the world over. In an age of manufacturing

A fantastic, fast, a real joy based on the Lotus 7 (and you can build it yourself) The Caterham cars be sold in over 20 countries worldwide and provide unrivalled opportunities in motorsport.