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The Great British Baby Company

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The Great British Baby Company creates luxury clothing for babies and young children, using the finest British cloth and the finest British craftsmanship. Each of its distinctive pieces features premium fabric sourced from across the British Isles, and each is made from start to hand-finish in Britain to the very highest standards.

The Great British Baby Company prides itself on standing apart in an industry dominated by mass-production, man-made fabrics, and out-sourcing. It is committed to bringing 'British made', in the fullest sense, to today's luxury baby and children's clothing market. Its guiding principles are simple, rather like the luxury it offers: provenance over gimmickry, quality over quantity, natural over synthetic fabrics, and - like the very best of British - substance as well as style. 

A garment by The Great British Baby Company is more than just a item of clothing. It tells the story of Britain's rich textile-production heritage, whilst embodying the quality and flair that make Britain stand out across the world.

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