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Barkeley and Co

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Barkeley & Co Sartorial elegance for Dogs. There is nothing new about tweed. It has been a staple cloth of Britain’s fair isles for centuries and has become iconic the world over. And today, tweed is enjoying a revival in fashion temples and the more traditional country ‘outfitters’ wherever discerning and fashion conscious people congregate.

But why should we humans be the sole wearers of tweed garments? Is it not time that those among us, our faithful house pets and loved ones, trusted friends and companions, our dogs, also enjoy the benefits and kudos of tweed coats?

We at Barkeley & Co believe the time has come.Based in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, a region that has a long tradition in the wool and cloth trade, we design and produce only the very best garments for sale to owners of our beloved four-legged companions.



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