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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 19:47

Bianca Elgar

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Bianca Elgar is the design label of Bianca Elgar, the artist and fashion designer who today is a true pioneer in ‘transformative luxury fashion’. The brand is best described in two simple words: “Wearable Art”.

Bianca Elgar creates a luxury versatile capsule wardrobe collection, which includes scarves, skirts, tops and dresses. We are proud to work with suppliers and manufacturers from all over the UK. Our collections, expertly crafted with attention to detail are 100% British. 

  Three major elements make Bianca Elgar a very innovative and desirable brand.

Art: Each scarf is a piece of art, great attention to detail given to the combination of colours as well as to the modern printed patterns. Whether worn or framed, widely open, folded or simply rolled around your neck or over your shoulder, it resembles a work of art.

Versatile: The collection comprises various scarf shapes from small to large, allowing each person to adapt it in many different ways.  Our dresses are designed with neckline loops to give the possibility of wearing the Bianca Elgar scarves in many more ways and to personalise a look. The dresses, skirts and tops can be worn in many different ways to tailor a truly personal style.

Quality: Our scarves are hand-finished using highest quality silk and digitally printing to show the vivid colours on both sides of the scarf.

Bianca Elgar as founder and Artistic director has always been passionate about art and textiles and worked as a silkscreen printer/designer in the studio for many years, Bianca is now bringing this experience to her eponymous fashion brand.

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