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Carr and Westley

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At Carr & Westley we take pride in being one of the last bastions of British manufacturing. Our skirts and dresses have been made in this country since 1919 and home-based manufacturing is a legacy we are proud to uphold in today’s heavily outsourced world. From our workrooms in Kent, we still put the same passion and detail into the production of our clothes as we did 90 years ago.

Our catalogues reflect contemporary living, photographs show our products out and about in real-life scenarios bringing the classic functionality of our clothes to life.Over the last few years we have given the location of the photo shoots increased thought and attention. We have thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the sights and atmosphere of picturesque locations such as Bath, the quaint seaside town of Rye, Royal Tonbridge Wells, pretty Bourton-on-the-Water and the Regency town of Cheltenham Spa. This has added another angle to our collections and promotes the association between Carr & Westley clothing and an active lifestyle.
Here at Carr & Westley we are always thinking of new ways to expand our range, ensuring our customers get a wide selection of the best garments. As always we love receiving your feedback, both about our collection and service as we continuously strive to make sure our customers feel valued and happy with our products.

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