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District Roots

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Forged from the roots of Manchester, District Roots is a unisex urban clothing brand, for those who believe their roots and origins form a key part of their identity. "Be proud of your district, be proud of your roots."
Established in February 2012 by Edd the "Northern Rascal,' an avid t-shirt lover and overt Mancunian. All of our designs and concepts are rooted in the passion people have for their cities and origins. Urban clothing with a U.K. feel. "Inject some feeling back into your clothes."

We focus all our efforts on crafting the most unique unique designs and prints without compromising quality. All of our clothing is manufactured with the highest quality. Our t-shirts for example use 100% combed cotton with the most innovative machinery which provides an elegant fit and feel. This results in our ability to provide unique and luxurious clothing with contemporary designs. We continue to grow and aim to set fashion trends by making trend setting clothing and making some waves in the independent apparel space.

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