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Lavender Hill Clothing

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Welcome to Lavender Hill Clothing, a British company sourcing fabrics from Austria and manufacturing in England. Our aim is to produce simple, luxurious, attractive and affordable pieces that make you want to wear them everyday. Using a super soft fabric and flattering cuts, we have produced an initial range of essential t-shirts in classic styles. We plan to extend the range in the next few months by adding new styles and colourways.

We take the greatest care in where we source and manufacture every component that is used in our clothing as we want complete transparency as to where the raw materials come from. This enables us to monitor the supply chain closely as quality control is absolutely paramount to our business ideology.

Lavender Hill Clothing was launched in 2013 by 24 year old Isobel Ridley with the aim of creating simple, luxurious, attractive and affordable pieces which you will want to wear everyday.

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