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Lee & Lawrie

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We are Lee & Lawrie: a refreshingly different brand, specialising in beautiful vintage-style clothing for women.

Our designs pay faithful homage to the style and elegance of the 1940s and 1950s, but they are made with modern fabrics, techniques, and sizing, so they're totally 21st-century ready. And they're all finished by hand, making sure the quality and fit is truly vintage-worthy.

We make our clothes for ladies who share our appreciation of fine couture, who like to look individual, and who just love a bit of sartorial panache. We like to think we’re giving you the opportunity to own a real piece of vintage style history, but in a conveniently modern package. So we’re simple, clean, and fresh on the surface ... but definitely vintage at heart.

From the very beginning of Lee & Lawrie's existence, we knew we wanted all our garments to be designed and made entirely in Great Britain. And that's what we do. From the very first sketch, to the very last stitch. On every piece in our collection. It's all done here at home. We have a long list of partners and suppliers that we work with, and we're extremely proud to support British industry every step of the way.

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