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Wrightson and Platt

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Over a century ago, Queen Victoria appreciated the idea of preserving precious family memories. She commissioned Mary Thornycroft, a celebrated artist of the day, to sculpt her 9 children’s hands and feet in alabaster.

We thought this was a great idea! Over time new materials have become available and with our background as artists, we were able to develop the best techniques for baby castings. We set up Wrightson and Platt in 1999 and with the emphasis on quality and artistic values we found the best ways to make these special little works of art in fine materials.

We are dedicated to creating beautiful heirlooms. Take a moment to look at the gallery and you can see why we are proud of our work. We offer a level of detail and quality that our competitors can only dream of. Spend a moment to look at how we make our sculptures. We do not and will not take shortcuts. From the first casting to the final polish, we are only interested in giving you the best.

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