How the manufacturing industry is incorporating British culture in to their products

Sometimes, a manufacturer gets it spot on and a design for a product can become not just something everybody will use, but ends up being heralded as an icon of British culture; a quintessential aspect of what it means to be British. Such a successful design goes down in the history books as one of those products that everyone will remember.

It is easy to recall some of the times this has been achieved to great effect. When thinking of classic cars, whenever somebody says the word ‘Mini’, many people think of Alec Issigonis’ classic design, with a Union Jack proudly painted on to the roof. The Mini is now forever associated with that kind of imagery, and appearances in such classic British films as The Italian Job.

Car manufacturers are definitely alive and well in the UK, with many marques, such as Aston Martin, considered to be iconic vehicles; their association with being driven by James Bond in the film series certainly helps to keep up that British association for the company. After all, what could be more British than James Bond driving an Aston Martin? It is this kind of imagery that has made the most of ways to incorporate British culture into products and designs. As an interesting side note, the spy gadget industry in Britain is seemingly booming, making the most of all of the cool gadgets used in these films to associate their products with that British spy vibe.

Keeping with the vehicle theme, but moving on to two wheels, another motor-based item is the successful Triumph motorcycle range still being built at Hinckley, just a short distance from the Mallory Park racing circuit. The company has been building motorcycles since 1902. With an impressive racing record in the early years, the Triumph motorcycle, along with the famous Norton brand, was the machine of choice among the UK motorcycling fraternity.

Another thing that feels very British are the coins in this country. Distinctive in design, these everyday objects change hands so often that it is easy to not think about them so much. However, new designs come out every now and then, and some of them are certainly particularly easy to remember. The London Mint Office is working on new designs for the coins that are used in society each day all the time, and there is definitely a British feel to whatever design form these new coins take. Events and landmark dates are often commemorated with new coins for such an occasion, with a relatively small amount being produced compared to the large amounts of coins that are in circulation for general use.

For the Queen’s upcoming 90th birthday celebrations, only 500,000 new coins are being made, with a limit of one per household. Such restrictions means there is often anticipation for new releases, as citizens wait to see what parts of British culture will end up influencing the latest collection; part of a long line of British made products that represent the nation.

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