How the pet industry is providing opportunities for British based manufacturers

Even when times are tough financially, there are some areas in which people are always willing to spend. One of them is the pet industry, making it a resilient area that has shown consistent growth in recent years. With 58 million pets in the country and around £4.6bn spent on them annually, it’s an area with huge potential and it provides jobs in pet food production, manufacture, transport, technology and more.

Practical items

Every pet needs food and the market for basic pet food is huge, catering to many different kinds of animal. Because some pets are fussy, there are often multiple flavours of food in demand within a single brand, and there’s a market for specialist food such as dog chews designed to protect tooth enamel. Pet medicine is another major area, covering everything from drugs to supports for injured animals, and pet housing is also in high demand, from cages for small rodents to dog kennels. Consumers also spend on bedding, grooming equipment and toys.

Luxury items

Alongside this market in practical items, there’s a market in luxury goods. Most pet owners like to provide occasional treats in the form of snacks, but also included in this market are luxury foods designed to provide animals with gourmet meals – or at least with what their owners like to think they’d perceive that way. Luxury clothing for pets is increasingly popular; as are manicures, dye jobs, stencilled tattoos and other forms of elaborate grooming. Many pets even have their own social media accounts and there are new online services to help them meet others in their local areas.

 Industry leaders

Britain boasts some highly successful pet care companies, including the following:

  • Bob Martin      Vetcare – focused on domestic animal welfare, this company sells      everything from a quick      acting flea treatment to grooming equipment. It has the home remedy      market covered with all the day-to-day solutions customers need to keep      their pets in good health. It also provides support and advice on health      care issues so that customers regard it as a useful resource and keep      going back.
  • Caldex Ltd – the      number one provider of drinking bottles for small rodents, rabbits, birds      and other types of pet. These convenient plastic bottles are very popular.      Most pets find them easy to use and many pet owners buy multiple ones so      that pets moving around in the home can always get something to drink when      they need it.
  • Lancashire      Textiles – a leading provider of pet bedding for animals of all shape and      sizes, this company also manufactures blankets designed for animals to      use. These products are designed so that they won’t cause harm is sucked      or chewed or if parts of them are torn off and swallowed, because we all      know how some pets love to chew.

Between them, businesses like these have kept Britain’s pet care market going strong and made it largely independent of imported goods. The British bulldog would be proud.

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