knitwear manufacturer

Article from the BBC website Founded at Lea Bridge Derbyshire in 1784 knitwear manufacturer John Smedley has survived the test of time.It has a thriving business manufacturing luxury knitwear favoured by celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise and Madonna.

It has 450 employees and made £13m in sales in 2007.
It is one of a number of UK manufacturers who have been able to overcome the challenges posed by low-cost countries such as China and India, where the bulk of the world's clothes are now made.

Operating in a low-volume, niche market, the key to John Smedley's survival has been to concentrate on quality rather than price, The fine-knit Merino wool and sea-island cotton cardigans, sweaters and tops John Smedley produces retail for about £100 each.

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