Traditional British wooden handmade beds

Get Laid Beds are a handmade wooden bedmakers that are based in Leicestershire. They use traditional British carpentry methods that are showcased in their new video. Specialising in a broad range of wooden bed designs, from Low Beds to their prestigious Four Poster Beds.

British Heritage

Their wooden bed frames are handcrafted in their British workshop, based in Leicestershire. They pride themselves in setting the standard in the industry with elegant and modern bed designs that are handcrafted using tried and tested manufacturing techniques. Taking inspiration from their long family heritage in carpentry and craftsmanship.

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If generous Brits splashed out just £20 this Christmas on a gift made in Britain it would boost UK manufacturing by £1 billion says Kate Hills, founder of Make it British, who is encouraging people to buy British this Christmas with her #buybritishchristmas campaign. 

Kate Hills explains: “We want to encourage people to stop and think for a moment about supporting some of our great British makers this Christmas.  There are 52 million adults in the UK.  If they all bought just one gift worth £20 that was made in Britain over the festive season it would add £1 billion to the UK economy.  This is welcome news in these uncertain times post Brexit. 

“What’s more, buying British-made gifts directly from the makers means more pounds going directly into the pockets of UK manufacturers.”

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Why you should step away from the high street when it comes to buying a leather sofa

If you’ve always gone to the high street for your leather furniture, then it may surprise you to know that you can actually get superior quality, hand-crafted traditional and modern styles for less from a ‘not on the high street’ retailer. 

In a world of fast fashions and throwaway trends, it’s reassuring to know there are still retailers who care about making something that lasts. Most high street furniture is mass produced and imported from the Far East with the predominant aim of satisfying a particular consumer trend as opposed to being built to last.

For the 35 years, the team at Thomas Lloyd have been designing and hand-making traditional leather furniture from their family-run factory in Wales, building a reputation for quality, craftsmanship and service.

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The shape of things to come?

rotunda 2

New Quirky Roundhouse accommodation concept launches in Derbyshire

An exciting new development is currently underway for the self-catering accommodation site at Nether Farm in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Since the renovation of the 17th century barns in 2003, the proprietor Pam Brown has seen business thrive and has now seized the opportunity to expand her business and capitalise on the recognised rising demand for luxury self-contained holiday & glamping units in the UK.    Working with the eco-buildings firm, “Rotunda Roundhouses”, Pam's pioneering a completely new concept and plans to have the three quirky, circular 'Rotunda' Lodges available for her guests early this summer. 

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Zespoke’s Designs Chosen for Big Brother House

Yes, it is that time of year again — Big Brother 2016 has hit our screens. Love them or hate them, no-one could call Big Brother contestants dull, and what does a house packed choc-full of these lively characters need? Lively interiors of course!

Anticipated almost as hotly as the personalities that will call it home for the coming weeks, the Big Brother house and its interior decoration play a pivotal role in making the show the eye-popping, attention-grabbing and, at times, jaw-dropping sensation it is. The show’s designers hunt every year for stand-out décor and unique pieces of furniture that can not only do justice to the show, but which will also reflect its colourful persona and add a touch of pizzazz to the proceedings.

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How the manufacturing industry is incorporating British culture in to their products

Sometimes, a manufacturer gets it spot on and a design for a product can become not just something everybody will use, but ends up being heralded as an icon of British culture; a quintessential aspect of what it means to be British. Such a successful design goes down in the history books as one of those products that everyone will remember.

It is easy to recall some of the times this has been achieved to great effect. When thinking of classic cars, whenever somebody says the word ‘Mini’, many people think of Alec Issigonis’ classic design, with a Union Jack proudly painted on to the roof. The Mini is now forever associated with that kind of imagery, and appearances in such classic British films as The Italian Job.

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