The Abreption School Of Leather Work Opens

Lincolnshire based specialist leather company introduce the Abreption School of leather work.

Whether it’s the warming scent or the soft, supple feel, there is something special about leather that deeply appeals to the senses. This summer, the Abreption School will be opening its doors in Grantham, inviting interested crafters to learn more about the ancient trade of leather working.

Leather working began as a functional necessity, in the creation of footwear, clothing and tools for early man. Today it is a craft practised for pleasure and beauty as well as practicality. The Abreption School will be running short courses to teach students all aspects of the trade: understanding leather; maintaining, renovating and working with leather; and how to create splendid bespoke leather bags.

The first courses begin in July 2015, and will be taught by Amanda Michel. Amanda will bring not only her 35 years’ experience of working with leather to the lessons, but also her enthusiasm for the beauty and accessibility of the craft.

Abreption School classes are designed to give each student the best opportunity to learn, combining theoretical and practical demonstrations with hands-on crafting.

To celebrate the opening, the Abreption School is offering prospective students a special introductory discount of 25% with the code 'AM25' – simply visit the website and enter the code at checkout.

This is a fantastic chance to develop a new skill or further progress an existing enthusiasm. Once you’ve started working with leather you’ll never want to stop!

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Abreption School is part of Abreption, a 20 year old manufacturer of fine English luggage. The school is based in Grantham on the same site as the leather factory, with clean, modern training facilities.  Courses are aimed at crafters of all abilities. Designers, footwear or garment technologists, sales people, customer services/quality managers and leather buyers will also benefit. The Abreption School is less than 5 minutes’ walk from Grantham Station, with free parking available for a limited number of spaces.

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