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Mannix Knight

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As a modern urban brand we believe in uniqueness, elegance & affordability. We believe urban fashion shouldn't be too loud nor too quiet. Fashion is a medium of expression however, it can be limiting when the High Street dictates what is urban and what is elegant. Our aim is to give you total control in defining your style and discovering elegance in urban fashion by merging both, without losing the appeal and fashion aesthetics.

Our family crest was designed based on our core principle, balance. The lion in our family crest represents urban culture, wildness, freedom and pride, with its presence known whenever and wherever. The horse on the other hand represents strength, control and elegance. These two opposite characters illustrate the existing forms of urban fashion. The balance lies in your hands making you the Knight in between, you call the shots!

You bring both sides together to make them work for you. You support good causes with the shield which represents neutrality and protection. You determine urban fashion and we build your Armour with quality being paramount.

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