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Paula L Wilson

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Paula L. Wilson ltd is carving out a new path within the luxury loungewear market with a line of individually designed and exquisitely hand crafted pyjama suits

, smoking jackets and lounge coats.

Each piece has been designed exclusively with the modern, affluent and status conscious female in mind.

Many consumers are seeking luxury goods that are connected to authenticity and place, constantly striving to cut through the hectic world of mass produced goods to find something special that has been carefully crafted and considered.

Paula L. Wilson’s first collection is centred around ‘pyjama inspired dressing,’ where popularity is ever growing within circles of professional and fashion forward women, particularly those who are early adopters of style and willing to invest in key pieces that combine comfort, luxury and exclusivity.

As well as the aesthetic perfection that has gone into the design of the range, the distinctive finish of the fabrics is what really sets the brand apart. Every piece has been handcrafted in Britain using the company’s signature fabric, which is formed using Escorial, a luxurious and exclusive wool sourced from a rare flock of sheep, today only found in small numbers in New Zealand and Australia.

It is blended with silk in the UK, which adds an elegant sheen and strength to the overall feel and finish of the fabric.

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