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Blackfish Swimwear

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Blackfish swimwear bringing you body sculpting swimwear that streamlines your figure, boosts your exercise routine and helps you tone your muscles. All made in the UK.

We think you should feel and look fabulous every time you dip a toe in a pool, lake, sea or ocean. That’s why our high-tech swimsuits are made of muscle compression fabric so you’ll feel streamlined, sculpted and sporty every time you swim.

The muscle compression fabric in our swimwear means you’ll work harder and tone harder during your swim. Your muscles will work more efficiently as lactic acid levels will be reduced; so you’ll find it easier to pace yourself and your training will be more effective, as you’ll be more aware of how you move and use your body.

Abby Farkas a young up and coming competitive swimmer trains in our swimwear.  Abby won an impressive gold medal in the 200metre Butterfly in the ASA Nationals last summer. We are thrilled she enjoys wearing our swimwear because whilst our designs are for every woman, it feels undeniably good to swim in a suit that competitive swimmers train in! So whether it's leisurely laps or personal bests Blackfish swimwear covers it all.


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