What our clients say

Yull Shoes

'Stillmadeinbritain has tremendously increased traffic to our website. It is also how we found our favourite UK clothes manufacturer, NancyDee who we now do manly collaborations with which in turn have help tremendously.'

Marko John’s Socks

‘Still Made in Britain is a great resource for British businesses; we are grateful for their support of Marko John's, and know that several of our customers have found us through Still Made in Britain.  They are also an active presence on social media, and we appreciate their enthusiastic support for British business.’

English Bone China

“The site is a great reference point for people looking for products which they can trust are still made here. We love it when customers come to us having spotted our bone china on Still Made in Britain as it shows how important it is for them to know the heritage of the pieces they are buying.

Phil Rico USA

I have always had the greatest respect for items that are made in the UK using time proven methods and producing world-class quality without cutting costs through foreign outsourcing. Therefore, your website is my "go-to guide" for ideas for many products.


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